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For Your Desperate Alter Ego Needs

Where You Can Be Somebody

Desperate Fans
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

Where you can try to attempt to pretend to be anyone and everyone that never existed!

Important links:
The DesperateWiki: Typist profiles, character profiles, and a tentative taken character list.
The Desperate Fans Chatroom: IRC chats for characters (#desperatefans) and their typists (#desperatefansooc). Join us; we don't bite! Hard.
All character tags We've reached the tag limit! Plz hold.
Newbie manual: COMING SOON
Contact post: COMING SOON

Important off-shoot communities:
desperatelyooc: The Typists' community; for OOC posts and questions
df_loggage: Important chat logs
desperatescreen: Roleplay community for television and movie characters
desperatemusic: Roleplay for musical characters
deadmentalking: Unaffiliated with DF, but a roleplay for historical figures
df_prompts: Weekly writing/rp prompts
All other off-shoot communities are listed HERE.

Basic Information:

It's all very simple. You can pretend to be whoever you'd like to be, as long as he or she is a fictional character from a book. And then we all get together and have a jolly good time. Sandwich picnic!

The Cardinal Rule:



1. The character must be literary-fictional. No historical figures, movie characters, real people, etc. There are other communities for those. And please keep the characters to those that appear in books, meaning literature. Text. In the case of movies or televisions series that also exist in book form, the books must be published before their translation into any other medium. (In other words, no novelizations.)

2. The character must not be of your own creation. No OCs, please. There must be a basis for your character, some work other users can read to get to know him or her better.

3. The character must be reasonably famous. By that, we mean that you cannot play the dragon slayer from the fantasy novel your friend published last summer vacation. Obscure characters are okay, but make sure your chosen work is of some merit so that we don't feel uncomfortable with your broadsword antics. Also, please make sure that your character has some characterizational basis in their canon; a passing mention without a name or personality is not enough for a character.

4. The character must not be taken. Please check the DF Wiki for the list and check the tags, or if you'd like someone else to do the dirty work, make an inquiring post in the OOC community. We can't, for example, have two Jacks from Fight Club. The man has enough issues already.

5. You can play multiple characters. There isn't a limit, but remember that too many are too difficult to keep track of, and that you should possibly give a chance to the other users who want to be non-people too.

6. No Godmodding. PLEASE. Godmodding means that your character does things to other characters (casting spells, hitting them) and state the result without consulting the other player. It also means that your character cannot be defeated and that nothing ever phases them, no matter how strong the other character is (also see: Mary Sue and Gary Stus). This generally doesn't make for a loving community.

7. Inactive members: Characters who have not posted or commented for four weeks are automatically eligible for pickup by another player. A player that wishes to take an inactive character should ask in the OOC community (desperatelyooc) to see if the limit for inactivity has been exceeded yet. If so, then the character changes hands.

8. Contact info: Please have an e-mail address in your character's userinfo or on your Wikipedia page, so we can contact you easily. If you are wary of sharing information, just make certain that you watch the OOC community closely. There may be a contact post soon, also.

9. Double characters: There are no duplicate characters allowed. For example, Elphaba from Wicked and The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, while completely different characters, were meant to be the same character. They are simply different versions of the same character and only one of them is allowed in this community. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your character is a duplicate of an already existing character, please ask the player of the already existing character as well as a moderator before introducing your character.

10. Not allowed: Deities of any major religion, and characters from comic books, graphic novels, and novelizations of graphic novels (unless grandfathered in). Mythological characters, however, are allowed. If you're uncertain about whether your wanted character is kosher, please ask the mods or post an inquiry in the OOC community.

11. Please tag all entries that your character participates in. A post about tagging is here. When you join, a new tag will be created for you. DO THIS OTHERWISE I'LL TRACK YOU DOWN AND REPLACE ALL YOUR MUSIC WITH BRITNEY SPEARS. I'm serious. Really. This is important, and we need everyone's cooperation if tagging is going to work.

12. Posting: As a general rule, anything open to the entire community at large should be posted to the community. Anything private or directed towards one or two or characters should be posted in a character's journal. As long as the character is part of the community, the post will show up on the community friendslist, which you can check here.

13. Hiatuses: Hiatuses are breaks that you take, if you're going on vacation or will be away from the computer for extended periods of time. They do not count towards your activity limit usually, but please make sure that you state the period of time you will be away, that it is not excessive (a month at most), and that there is some legitimate excuse. If your character is simply "not talking to you" and hasn't been for over 4 weeks, perhaps it may be time to relinquish him/her to someone who they will talk to. As in most cases, use common sense when taking hiatuses.

How to Join:

Make a journal for your character, join the community with it, and write an introduction post. Your introductory post should have a mention as to who your character is and what source he or she is from, usually in a typist's note at the bottom of the post. It would also help it their journal icons had some relevance. Also, please enter the character's name in the 'name' field of the personal information page.

Please do not join the community as a typist. You can feel free to friend the community, but joining it will cause your personal journal entries to show up on the community friendspage, making it difficult to find the puppet entries. You can still comment on posts as a typist, though. Thank you!

After You've Joined:

Do whatever you like. Seriously.

Well, of course, we would prefer no random virulent attacks on random other characters, unless your particular character happens to be the sort of person who goes around doing such things. As long as you are treading in the realm of reasonably polite society, anything goes. Fish, bananas, old pyjamas, mutton, beef and trout...

Always remember: the most important thing is to try to stay in character and have fun!

Moderators and contact information:

rhombal: rhombal[at]gmail[dot]com)
tyriangalley: drunkencynic[at]gmail[dot]com
mhari: fresh.hellion[at]gmail[dot]com
jiasachan: dangerousandrogyne[at]gmail[dot]com
fordanglia: acciosnitch[at]gmail[dot]com